Poggio del Vigneti Moscato front and back label

Poggio del Vigneti Moscato

Poggio del Vigneti Moscato


  • Grape, grapefruit
  • Raisin, tangerine; bubbly
  • Sweet with a bit of tang

I take any opporturnity to drink, since it’s my job, so to speak. Mrs. Ferment doesn’t like beer, which means, besides my regular stash, we often get wines and lambics. A favorite category of wine is the Italian Asti Spumante, made with the moscato bianco, or muscat, grape. These wines are sparkling, sweet, and not very high in alcohol. They’re considered dessert wines, but, as I’ve noted before, we’re part of the Pepsi generation, so sweet drinks with dinner aren’t forbidden.

Poggio del Vigneti Moscato front and back labelMoscato wines are generally inexpensive and fairly consistant from brand to brand. This particular bottle, Poggio del Vigneti, is 6% alcohol, not overly sweet, and has a unique tangerine overtone. We both enjoyed it very much, and the $9 price tag makes Mrs. Ferment happy. It’s easy, casual, and makes for a nice change up from all that beer.