Advertisement Policy

Drunk & Unemployed (DnU) accepts advertising from companies that make or distribute alcoholic beverages, gourmet/specialty foods, or products relating to the serving of alcohol, and restaurants, bars, or taverns that serve alcohol. We ask that advertisers sell their products responsibly and do not sell alcohol to minors (children under the age of consent).

Please do not use our commenting system to advertise your product or website. We read each comment before allowing it to post on the site, and unsolicited advertisements will be sent to a blacklist and deleted.

Editorial Policy

DnU may review or recommend any product or service that advertise on our site. However, we do not review or recommend products or services based upon advertisements. Advertising on DnU does not guarantee a positive review. We will make every effort to disclose financial agreements between the subject of an article and this site. If DnU recommends a product or service, it is because the author of that article enjoys that product or service.

Press Releases

We’re a small and independent voice, and we want to help other small businesses. Independent or local brewers, vineyards, wineries, distilleries, or distributors are welcomed to send press releases or product notices to or We reserve the right to add editorial commentary and/or paraphrase the press release. Please do not use our commenting system to advertise your product unless the comments are relevant to that particular article.

Advertisement acceptance and placement

Advertising served through Google Adsense is the responsibility of Google Adsense, and as such may be deleted or modified by Google Adsense without notice.

DnU does not exclusively use Google Adsense. If you would like to advertise on this site, please contact Melissa Barrett at DnU will work with advertisers on placement on individual pages or across the site.

Acceptable forms of Advertisements

We will accept JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, or Flash ads, but Flash advertisements must be below 50kb and must not contain sound. Ads may be rejected for being too obtrusive, too offensive, or even just plain ugly. DnU reserves every right to cancel a contract for an ad placement if advertiser and DnU cannot reach an agreement on ad content and style. Our first commitment is to the experience of our readers. We will never accept obtrusive ads that obscure our written content.

For extremely reasonable fees, DnU can design advertisements for our advertisers.

Site views and analytics

Find my site on DoubleClick Ad PlannerWe’re a small, but growing site, and looking forward to working with our advertisers by offering great rates that can lock-in for the lifetime of our relationship together. DnU currently has over 1500 unique visitors a month, 500 fans on Facebook, and over 500 followers on Twitter. Most of our views come from the New York City Greater Metropolitan area.

We do not share individual search-terms or browser statistics, as per our privacy policy, but we may share our aggregate page-view data with select or potential advertisers.

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