A half-liter of St. Peter's Winter Ale

St. Peter’s Winter Ale

St Peter’s Winter Ale

  • Smokey; spicy
  • thick; smokey and coffee
  • Rich bitterness; autumn spices

Of course, I can’t pass up a bargain. February and March are great months to get reduced prices on winter ales at the local distributor. I found a half-liter bottle of St. Peter’s Winter Ale for $2.99. This is an imported beer from the St. Peter’s Brewery outside of Norwich, on the eastern coast of England, where it’s sold for about £2 a bottle. Being that it had to get shipped overseas, $3 is a deal.

A half-liter of St. Peter's Winter Ale

A half-liter of **St. Peter's** *Winter Ale.* There's slightly more than a pint in there.

It’s good, too. I’m sorry I didn’t get more than one bottle. The Winter Ale is smokey and has a strong coffee flavor, backed up by a nice complement of pie spices. It’s dark and rich and malty, and pours thickly. This is the type of thing that going to a distributor/market with a varied inventory makes possible. I doubt I ever would have picked up a St. Peter’s before this, but seeing at that price made it irrestiable, and I’ll have no qualms picking up this, or any other St. Peter’s bottle I find, at twice the price.