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Long Island Craft Brewers to Look for in 2015

We’ve got several new breweries opening in 2015 in Long Island. We’ll be looking for them at local bars, restaurants, beer distributors, and in tasting rooms. Here’s where it’s all happening:

___Farmingdale, New York___

[A Taste of Long Island][1], a specialty private-use kitchen, and now brewery, will be home to three nano-breweries who will be crafting at the location. They include [**1940’s Brewing Company**][2] with brewer Charles Becker, [**Po’Boy Brewery**][3] with brewer Bobby Rodriguez, and [**The Brewer’s Collective**][4] with brewers Sarah Dougherty, Tim Dougherty, Mike DePietto, Brad Kohles, and Dan Russo.

Logos for 1940s Brewing, Po Boy Brewery, and The Brewers Collective

___Bellport, New York___

Bellport Brewing[**Bellport Brewing Co.**][5] with brewers Brian Baker and Chris Kelley. This brewery has been quietly working under the radar and is looking for a tasting room in Bellport. We’re sure to see **Bellport Brewing** at upcoming beer events.

___Holbrook, New York___

Saint James Brewery[**Saint James Brewery**][7] with owners Rachel and Jamie Adams—Jamie is also the brewer. They’ve poured at many local craft beer events, but now **St. James** may have a possible tasting room by the new year.

Squarehead Brewing[**SquareHead Brewing Company**][8] with brewer Dave Jordan. We discovered its brews at the *North Fork Craft Beer Festival* in 2014, and we’re hoping to see more from it in the upcoming year.

Spider Bite Brewing[**Spider Bite Brewing Co.**][9] with brewer Larry Goldstein, just received its license to open a tasting room and micro-brewery. **Spider Bite** is not new brewery—you can find their beer in four- and six-packs across Long Island—but it had no official location. There’s talk of a possible future brew with ties with a certain online beer blogger.

___Northport, New York___

Cow Harbor Beer[**Cow Harbor Beer Company**][6] is slated to start brewing in early 2015, if all construction goes as planned. Its first brews should be available to the public by spring.

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