Fervere drinks from his glass Toronto’s Festival of Beer mug, in front of the Molson Canadian exhibition.

Toronto’s Festival of Beer 2013

Thanks to a generous gift from Mr. G~ in Toronto, Mrs. Ferment and I got to attend Toronto’s Festival of Beer on July 27. The event was bisected by a pretty fierce rainstorm, but most of us were in our cups at the time, and so the mood was still festive as we all crowded under the larger tents.

Each beer cost one or two tokens, and each token cost $1 Canadian, so I was set by throwing down a $20 to get 20 tokens. This allowed me to experience lots of craft and international beers, but gave me enough justification to avoid beers that I’d get locally. There was one exception, when I found the Chemay booth, where I had to get the blue-labeled Grande Réserve. I’m a sucker for Chimay, no matter what country I’m in. Being the snob I am, I also avoided the Budweiser, Coors, and Smirnoff booths. (Smirnoff? That one confused me.) But the Coors booth did play the best modern dance music, thus entertaining us at the least.

We left before the headliners of the main-stage played that Saturday. I guess I was more excited to drink lots of beer rather than listen to the dulcet sounds of The Spin Doctors. I’m sure they were entertaining as well.

Mrs. Ferment and I took some pictures.

But that’s not all I drank! Follow me on Untappd to see what else I got to try at the Festival.

And big thanks to Mr. and Ms. G~, for putting us up during our trip and feeding us some delightful meals, and to Mrs. Ferment, who knows how to stretch a dollar, Canadian, American, or otherwise.