Gringo Coco Whiskey

Gringo Coco Whiskey

This summer, I vacationed in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is known for their rum drinks, like Piña coladas and rum punches. But one can only handle so many sweet drinks. Time for something different.

While there, we learned of a drink called *Coco whiskey.* I was expecting to find it was some sort of coconut-flavored whiskey, but that was not the case. One of the locals explained to us that Coco whiskey is, specifically, **Johnnie Walker** *Black* mixed with fresh coconut water—as in straight from the coconut.

I wanted to try this at home, but I had two problems. First, I didn’t have any **Johnnie Walker** in my liquor cabinet but I do have [**Stranahan’s** *Colorado Whiskey*][1] and **Jim Beam** bourbon. Not wanting to waste a high-end whiskey in case this drink just totally sucked, I opted for the **Jim Beam**. Second problem, I wasn’t about to go buy coconuts and deal with opening them. So I bought some good old fashioned coconut water in a sippy box. Mm-mmm.

Since I basically didn’t follow the Puerto Rican recipe at all, I came up with the name *Gringo coco whiskey.*

Gringo Coco Whiskey

  • Servings: 4–8oz.
  • Difficulty: basic
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  • 1 shot of whiskey
  • 2 shots of coconut water
  • (NOT coconut milk, you gringo!)


Add both ingredients to a mixing glass with ice cubes. Mix with a mixing spoon until outside of glass starts to frost (do NOT shake this!). Strain into whiskey glass with a large ice cube. Drink while wallowing in your gringo-ness.

So how was it? I thought it was pretty darn tasty! It seems like the coconut water adds a smoothness to the whiskey that water alone could never add. There was a faint hint of coconut, but not much. If you want more whiskey taste, use only one shot of the coconut water.

I know some people will say this is bastardizing a good glass of whiskey, but isn’t cola and whiskey also a bastardization? [*Yes, but soda water and whiskey is not.—**ed**.*] Give it a try before you dismiss it… it’s *gooood.*