Melba, on right, discusses beer and beer labeling with MFR Sales

Melba on Beer Labels

Recently DnU alum, Melba, sat down with Mfr Sales at Spider Bite Brewing to talk about Queen Melba Imperial brown ale, its origins, and the design process behind the label. We could have linked to the live show, but we’re not known for our great timing here at the DnU HQ. So here is a rebroadcast of the chat on Facebook.

Queen Melba's Imperial Brown Ale, 2018 Gold Medal US Open Beer Championship (Ohio)
Queen Melba’s Imperial Brown Ale (7.5% Alc/Vol). Melissa “Melba” Barret namesake of Melba’s Toasted Brown Ale officially has earned her coronation due to her graphic art skills and work. It is with our pleasure that we commemorate with Queen Melba’s Imperial Brown Ale. Long Live the Queen. 2018 Gold Medal US Open Beer Championship (Ohio)