Title Card for Ponies and Jiggers

Ponies and Jiggers: August 2020

Sure has been a long time since we did one of these. Let’s see if we can’t get some info out there.

  • New York State continues to loosen or eliminate weird, old blue laws and stifling regulations, and the latest one is a restriction on alcoholic ice cream and other frozen novelties and desserts. There had been some New York City producers of alcohol-infused ice cream, like Tipsy Scoop, but according to Governor Cuomo, “This legislation will further grow a burgeoning industry and boost small businesses while helping to put them on a path of sustained growth that empowers both producers and consumers.”
  • In the same article linked above, Emily Davenport at amNY writes, New York “ranks in the top five in the U.S. for its number of craft beverage producers in every category and ranks first in the country for the number of hard cider producers, second in craft breweries and distilleries, and fourth in the country for the total number of wineries.” Wow! We’re so glad to have seen this growth first-hand and meet some of the best people in the industry!
  • In January of this misbegotten year, we learned that Barrage Brewing in Farmingdale, NY, was closing its doors. We should have known then what a lousy year this would turn out to be. But a small slice of silver lining is still with us, with Barrage’s owner/brewer, Steve Pominski, sharing his wit and wisdom on the podcast The Wørt, along with hosts Mike and Pete. They’ve taken a few weeks off since their last episode in May, but they’re coming back this Monday, August 17, live at 8pm (EDT) on Facebook and at GovRadioDotCom. Sure, we miss his beer, but his presence lives on.
  • It’s surely a stressful time for all of us, and all of our favorite local establishments have been hit hard financially due to restrictions caused by SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. Many of us have taken up the mantra to shop local when we can. Not only does it support the establishments, but it helps everyone who is working there, their families, and the neighborhood. It’s a good thing.
    Here at DnU HQ, when we go to restock on liquid refreshments, we pause to purchase at least one of our local breweries’, wineries’, or distilleries’ tasty offerings, even if we’re already purchasing something imported.
    We’re not going to pass up something from our favorite San Francisco brewer, but our local village of Bay Shore has so many fabulous brewers, too, so we’ll buy a few of those. We’re still supporting our local producers by purchasing their products at beverage markets, not necessarily from the source. And it’s a two-fer, supporting both the local merchant and the local producer!
    Support local! Buy local!
  • There’s been some nonsense in our local area. We support Montauk Brewing.

We’re all in this together, folks. It may not be wise to share a beer with a stranger face-to-face right now, but remember that when you raise a glass, there’s a lot of diverse people behind that magical concoction. And hey, maybe September will be better?