First Annual Blue Point Logger Lager

First Annual Blue Point Logger Lager

On Saturday, October 29, I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural [*Blue Point Logger Lager*][bpbll]. (A tip of my hat to Larry from [**Spider Bite Beer Co.**][sbb] for the ticket.)

Lagers, beers that are left to sit in cold storage after fermentation, are some of my favorite styles outside of barleywines. Lagers include pilsners and Märzens (mostly known as Oktoberfest beers) and tend towards the malty side of beer, instead of the hoppier (and more popular in the craft beer world) side. That [**Blue Point Brewing**][bpb] would dedicate an event for the lager set my liver aflutter.

What is a lager? infographic

Infographic courtesy of Blue Point Brewing

The crowd at the *Logger Lager* was a sea of flannel and knit caps, and Appalachian-tinged music played through the event. It was easy for me to believe that everyone was having a good time, if for no other reason that a pleasant tipsy feeling lubricated every interaction I had, certainly seeming like everyone was smiling.

Fervere stands by the sign welcoming people to the 2016 Blue Point Logger Lager

’Twas a fine day for a logger and a lager

**Blue Point** had several lagers of its own at the event, including a blueberry lager, *Blue Ox*, an unnamed Vienna lager, and a very interesting, also unnamed, salt-water watermelon oyster lager. I’ll admit it sounded revolting, but it was actually very good. The “oyster” was actually oyster shells, and the saltiness was mild. It was a slightly sweet, light, refreshing beer. Another **Blue Point** favorite was a Mexican lager, aged in tequila barrels, infused with agave nectar. This was very popular—the kegs were kicked about two hours before the end of the event.

Beside **Blue Point** were nine other brewers. [**Sixpoint Brewery**][six] had its *Crisp* and an Oktoberfest, unique to the *Logger Lager* as far as I know. It was quite delicious. [**Long Ireland Beer Co.**][long] had its *Polish Pilsner*, which is one of my favorite Long Island pilsners. And my hero, **Spider Bite** teamed up with [**Barrage Brewing Co.**][barr] to give us *Kidd Bock*, a smooth bock beer with a mild sweetness.

A plastic mug which fits about eight ounces from Blue Point Logger Lager 2016

My tiny mug fits too much beer to try them all

Two other breweries that I’m familiar with, [**Saranac**][sara] and [**Kelso Beer Co.**][kelso], joined four others that I wasn’t. [**Peekskill Brewery**][peek] poured a spectacular pilsner called *Uncommon Rye Lager*. The sharp spice from the rye malt made this my top-rated beer. But I don’t want to diminish the Brooklyn trio of [**War Flag Brewing Co.**][war] *American Pilsner*, [**Braven Brewing Co.**][brave] *Bushwick Pilsner*, or [**Threes Brewing**][threes] *Vliet Pilsner*, each showing that there is room in the pilsner style for unique deliciousness. I enjoyed each of them, and each were different in both subtle and overt ways. My only complaint, and this was throughout the event, was that I would ask for small pours into my plastic mug, so I could sample more beer from each vendor, and was routinely ignored. Some problem, aye?

This was truly a fun and tasty event. I love the crispness and lightness of a good lager. Lagers are great with spicy food, pizza, baseball, autumn (and summer) days, parties, and poker—basically anything that I like. I like the *Logger Lager*, too, and it’ll be yet another fall tradition that I look forward to.