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Long Beard Brewing finds its place in Riverhead

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The lease has been signed and key is in hand. After three years of searching and plenty of waiting, [**Long Beard Brewing**][1] finds a new home in Riverhead, New York, at the former East 2nd Street firehouse, just two blocks away from Main Street.

When we [spoke in 2014 to Paul Carlin and Craig Waltz][2], brewers and co-owners of **Long Beard**, they had their eyes fixed on Long Island’s booming beer town:

Paul and Craig of Long Beard Brewing

Paul and Craig
Photo courtesy of **Long Beard Brewing**

> “We feel, right now, [Riverhead] is our best option for a number of reasons. The first is it’s a destination spot. Riverhead has become a hub for craft beer on Long Island. You can’t argue that. We have done a lot of research and spoken to a lot of people to help make that decision. One of the more important aspects of our brewery will be our tasting room. We want people coming in droves! Being in Riverhead will make that easier. Look what’s going on there! You are in wine country, in a town that is putting effort in revitalizing main street and bringing in much needed business and tourism. The town, itself, is friendlier to our industry, and the beer tours will be always coming in with business. It just makes sense.”

East 2nd St Firehouse in Riverhead, New York

The 2nd St Firehouse
Photo © Google Maps

They are taking over part of the firehouse, about 3,000 sq. feet, and will begin construction on the brewery portion first, with a tasting room to follow. **Long Beard Brewing** becomes the forth brewery in Riverhead, with neighbors [**Long Ireland Brewing**][3], [**Moustache Brewing**][4], and [**Crooked Ladder Brewery**][5] turning Riverhead into a *Brew*muda Triangle. (*Good pun, but wouldn’t it be Brewmuda Rectangle? — **ed**.*)

Inside the empty 2nd St firehouse where Long Beard Brewing will open its brewery

Inside the empty 2nd St firehouse where Long Beard Brewing will open its breweryInside the new space where Long Beard Brewing will open.
Photos courtesy of **Long Beard Brewing**.

**Long Beard** is ready to start its next chapter—getting its beer into the market. Paul is excited for the future of the brewery location, saying, “This gives us tons of room for growth and a sweet kick-ass tasting room that [when completed] will have a look and feel that will make you to never want to leave!”

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