Ponies and Jiggers

Ponies and Jiggers

Back to school! This edition of *Ponies and Jiggers* is all about learning something new.

* Faithful readers of *DnU* may have come across some [foreign][2] [words][3] to describe different types of beer. The blog, *Serious Eats*, has [a handy list defining 20][1] of the more popular European terms. *Serious Eats*, itself, is a pretty nice site, too, and full of resources for foodies and, um, drinkies(?). Thanks to Ms. A~ from Huntington for the link.

* The perfect Martini is the one you enjoy from first to last drop, but some of us strive for standards of consistency and idealize the “proper” method. With this in mind, take a look at the no-frills, extremely thorough [*The Martini FAQ*][4]. With answers to such questions as “Can you really bruise gin?” and “Should I keep my tools and ingredients in the freezer?”, *The Martini FAQ* has advice for novices and experts for preparing the perfect cocktail.

* Tom Philpott, the food and agriculture correspondent for *Mother Jones*, makes the case for the [Seelbach cocktail][5] to replace the standard Champagne toast on New Years Eve. The Seelbach contains *Cointreau*, bourbon, bitters, and sparkling wine. Warns Tom, “The case against the Seelbach is also that it’s really, really good—and like so many cocktails, very easy drinking. You’ve got to pace yourself on New Years Eve.” We’ll take that challenge, Tom.

* Both Melba and I are beginning to find joy in sour beers, which are becoming quite popular in the States. Although they’re relatively new over here, they have a long history. *The New Yorker* recently published an article, by Christian Debenedetti, [entitled “A Brief History of Sour Beer,”][6] covering sour beer’s journey from Belgium to America.

* Another traditional alcoholic beverage is making a comeback in America, too—moonshine. There’s no hard and fast rule on what moonshine is, but the (legal) distillers are basically making a white whiskey, which is to say un-aged. Josh Sanburn, from *Time Magazine*, [writes about moonshine’s foray into the mainstream][7].

Feel smarter? Well, there’s always a solution to that—have another drink. If something on the web has put smarts in your head, and you’d like to share it, send a [link to Fervere][email].

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