QnA with DnU: Sophia Del Gigante

QnA with DnU: Sophia Del Gigante

Sophia Del Gigante

Sophia Del Gigante. Photo courtesy of *NY Foodgasm*.

There are many food blogs out there on the interweb, but what draws me into [*NY Foodgasm*][1] is the fantastic recipes, amazing photography, the incorporation of good-for-you foods, and, of course, alcohol. A healthy portion of that alcohol is local craft beer—a rare combination. Founded by Sophia Del Gigante, a graphic designer by trade, in 2011, *NY Foodgasm* is out “…to prove that less fat has lots of flavor! You can enjoy *every* meal and live a healthy lifestyle. My mission is to make being and eating healthy fun because life should be fun!”

Did I happen to mention, for her birthday she’s having a Bourbon party?

1. Many of your recipes creatively combine craft beer and/or liquor with healthy ingredients. How did that get started?
>*(Sophia)*: Healthy or not, we are alive, and if we are living we should be enjoying every minute. I’m not gonna give up my craft beer or liquor! I have a passion for craft beer, especially local craft brews. The movement and the culture of it is… um… intoxicating! [Laughs] So I decided to integrate beer or liquor creatively into different recipes. I even have a Beer Month on my blog!

2. What has been your favorite alcohol-based recipe so far?
>My fave so far is tied between my [“**Blue Point** Blueberry Muffins”][2]—fat free, too!—and the [“**Great South Bay** *Blood Orange Pale Ale* Chicken”][3].

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3. When it’s time for a drink, what’s your favorite craft brew and cocktail?

Rainbow Cookie Martini

Rainbow Cookie Martini. Photo courtesy of *NY Foodgasm.*

Oh man, I am obsessed with trying new beer, so if I drink it over and over I *must* like it! I must say, I am a fan of creative brews, especially those with fruit. I love [**Great South Bay**][4] *Blood Orange Pale Ale*, [and I] really like [**Shock Top**][5] *Honeycrisp Apple Wheat*, though it does not pack enough alcohol-punch for me. For a cocktail—oh man, I made a [“Rainbow Cookie Martini”][6]—so bad, yet so good. Though more than one, and you will have a stomach ache—too sweet!

4. With the local breweries adding more beer styles all the time, are there certain beers that you are really interested in cooking with?
>Oh man, I am always keeping up to date with the local breweries; I am so excited to try *Devil’s Plaything* by [**Greenport Harbor**][7]! Notes of citrus and chiles—hell yeah! Like, I seriously contemplated driving over an hour on a random Friday—it’s that serious! I was thinking this would lend itself well to some tacos—maybe marinate some chicken with this beer and some citrus and chiles, grill it up, and top with some citrus-infused sour cream and some salsa fresca. Party!

5. Cocktail olive, maraschino cherry, fancy umbrella or lemon twist?
>Straight up, bitches, but if you wanna make it pretty and sweet add in a maraschino cherry for me!

Thanks, Sophia! Besides her [site][1], you can find *NY Foodgasm* on [**Facebook**][8], [**Instagram**][9], [**Pintrest**][10], and [**Twitter**][11].

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