QnA with DnU: Sophia Del Gigante

QnA with DnU: Sophia Del Gigante

Sophia Del Gigante

Sophia Del Gigante. Photo courtesy of NY Foodgasm.

There are many food blogs out there on the interweb, but what draws me into NY Foodgasm is the fantastic recipes, amazing photography, the incorporation of good-for-you foods, and, of course, alcohol. A healthy portion of that alcohol is local craft beer—a rare combination. Founded by Sophia Del Gigante, a graphic designer by trade, in 2011, NY Foodgasm is out “…to prove that less fat has lots of flavor! You can enjoy every meal and live a healthy lifestyle. My mission is to make being and eating healthy fun because life should be fun!”

Did I happen to mention, for her birthday she’s having a Bourbon party?

  1. Many of your recipes creatively combine craft beer and/or liquor with healthy ingredients. How did that get started?

    (Sophia): Healthy or not, we are alive, and if we are living we should be enjoying every minute. I’m not gonna give up my craft beer or liquor! I have a passion for craft beer, especially local craft brews. The movement and the culture of it is… um… intoxicating! [Laughs] So I decided to integrate beer or liquor creatively into different recipes. I even have a Beer Month on my blog!

  2. What has been your favorite alcohol-based recipe so far?

    My fave so far is tied between my Blue Point Blueberry Muffins”—fat free, too!—and the Great South Bay Blood Orange Pale Ale Chicken”.

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  3. When it’s time for a drink, what’s your favorite craft brew and cocktail?

    Rainbow Cookie Martini

    Rainbow Cookie Martini. Photo courtesy of NY Foodgasm.

    Oh man, I am obsessed with trying new beer, so if I drink it over and over I must like it! I must say, I am a fan of creative brews, especially those with fruit. I love Great South Bay Blood Orange Pale Ale, [and I] really like Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat, though it does not pack enough alcohol-punch for me. For a cocktail—oh man, I made a “Rainbow Cookie Martini”—so bad, yet so good. Though more than one, and you will have a stomach ache—too sweet!

  4. With the local breweries adding more beer styles all the time, are there certain beers that you are really interested in cooking with?

    Oh man, I am always keeping up to date with the local breweries; I am so excited to try Devil’s Plaything by Greenport Harbor! Notes of citrus and chiles—hell yeah! Like, I seriously contemplated driving over an hour on a random Friday—it’s that serious! I was thinking this would lend itself well to some tacos—maybe marinate some chicken with this beer and some citrus and chiles, grill it up, and top with some citrus-infused sour cream and some salsa fresca. Party!

  5. Cocktail olive, maraschino cherry, fancy umbrella or lemon twist?

    Straight up, bitches, but if you wanna make it pretty and sweet add in a maraschino cherry for me!

Thanks, Sophia! Besides her site, you can find NY Foodgasm on Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, and Twitter.