Indio Cerveza

  • Malty with a hint of citrus
  • Sweet caramel malt
  • Sweet and light

Available in California, Texas, and Illinois. 4.1% ABV.

Mexican beers, like their Asian counterparts, are generally light lagers meant to cool the mouth of the drinker who is eating a spicy meal. In general, any Mexican beer I’ve tried has worked well cooling me down, but don’t bring a lot to the table. I’m [no fan of *Corona*][corona], but *Bohemia* and *Dos Equis Ambar* are worthy beers; however, they’re both usually contextual—that is, I drink them at Mexican restaurants, and rarely otherwise.

Bottle of Indio on wet surface with beads of water

Thirst quenching *Indio.* Photo courtesy of *Indio,* posted on **Facebook**.

Recently, I got an opportunity to try a beer out of Mexico that has just been introduced to the US market. *Indio,* made by **Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma** and distributed by **Heineken USA**, is an amber lager, like **Dos Equis Ambar,** but unique in flavor. It’s got a nice, sweet caramel malt body, which pleased the guinea pigs over at *DnU* who got to try the beer with me. That included a person who does-not-like-beer, so it seems that *Indio* may be a great starter beer for our friends who just don’t *get* beer or those that just slug down *Bud Light.*

Although *Indio* is amber in color, it finishes terrifically light. The lack of bitter on the finish may turn away some craft beer connoisseurs, but I’ve tried a lot of beers, and I found nothing but pleasure drinking my 6-pack of *Indio.* There was a touch of citrus on the nose in the body of the beer, so, even as a *gringo,* I wasn’t tempted to squeeze in a lime. *Indio* stands alone.

Right now, *Indio* is being sold in California, Texas, and Illinois. If it comes to the New York market, I look forward to drinking it at summer barbecues, by the water, and, of course, in my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant.

*Note: This product was introduced and supplied to **Drunk & Unemployed** by the distributor. We did not pay for the beer reviewed. Please keep in mind that Fervere tries as hard as possible to be fair in his reviews, but he really likes getting things for free.*