Samuel Adams Hazel Brown

Samuel Adams Hazel Brown

Samuel Adams Hazel Brown

  • Nutty; caramel
  • Relatively light; Toffee
  • Creamy caramel

Seasonal, available in the Harvest Collection

Melba’s Review

When I learned that Samuel Adams was making a nut brown ale called Hazel Brown, I knew I had to try it. My awesome beer distributor offers single 12 oz. bottles from 6- or 12-packs for sale, and they had the Hazel Brown. My quest to explore the style of beer known as brown ale (a.k.a. my addiction) successfully continues.

Brown goodness soon to be in my mouth

The Hazel Brown poured into my pint glass with a traditional brownish-amber hue and a wonderful nutty, caramel nose. My first sip presented hop spices hitting the front of my mouth while the taste of caramel and toffee hit the mid-palate. It finished smooth and clean, with a strange happening at the back—the beer seemed to get heavier, creamier, like sucking on a Werther’s Original Caramel candy. It’s not unpleasing, but it threw me as something I would normally taste at the front of a brown ale profile and not at they very end.

Samuel Adams continues to do one thing consistently, and that is make good, enjoyable beers. The Hazel Brown is no exception. Unfortunately, this beer is only available in the Harvest Collection, which is a shame because this beer could easily stand on its own as year-round style.

Fervere’s Review

I was glad to see Melba’s review, because I thought the Hazel Brown deserved its own review. I had intended to write one of my own. Instead, Melba did the heavy work and I get to say that I enjoyed it, too, and hope to see it more than once a year. I also agree that it’s a great example of what Samuel Adams does best—make crisp, tasty, non-threatening beers. Because of that, though, I think it could have been a little bit bolder, a bit more bitter, bringing up the hazelnut flavor, which in Hazel Brown is slightly fruitier than nuttier. I thought for sure that would be blown away by it, which of course is my fault, raising my expectations before tasting. Instead, it’s just a good beer, rich and flavorful, with nothing objectionable. There’s nothing wrong with that.