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Hangar 24 Craft Brewery Hosting a Night of Craft Beer and David Bacco Chocolate on Oct. 29

For any readers by Redlands, California, we just go this in our email:

>Hangar 24 Craft Brewery, one of the top 100 craft brewers in the country, is teaming up with San Diego’s Renowned Chocolatier David Bacco to host a craft beer and chocolate pairings event for its **4th Formation Flight Night**. The event will be held on **Monday, Oct. 29, 7–8:30 p.m.** on the patio of Hangar 24’s brewery at **1710 Sessums Drive in Redlands, California**.
> The evening of craft beer and hand-crafted chocolates will be hosted by Hangar 24 Brewery General Manager & Head Brewer Kevin Wright and Chocolatier David Bacco. Wright and Bacco will lead the attendees through six unique craft beer and chocolate pairings, including:
> * Traditional and sweet [Helles Lager][2] will be paired with **Estragon**, a fresh tarragon and licorice root blend in 71 percent bittersweet truffle
> * Hangar 24’s flagship, [Orange Wheat][3], paired with **Joyeux**, a symphony of lemon, caramel and old world marzipan
> * [Gourdgeous][4], a strong porter featuring pumpkins grown a mile from the brewery, paired with **Nilgiri-fragrant chai tea** in 49 percent milk chocolate
> * California style [Double IPA][5] paired with **Rio**, a caramel mixture of passion fruit and mango
> * [Russian Imperial Stout][6], one of the biggest beers ever brewed at Hangar 24, paired with **Cremello**, a caramel-scented, milk chocolate truffle, and **Serene**, a creamy-salted, milk chocolate ganache
> * [Immelmann][7], aged in Rye barrels, paired with **Capriccio**, a marriage of caramelized almonds and Vietnamese cinnamon blended in an old world gianduja
>Every month, Hangar 24 Craft Brewery hosts The Formation Flight Night tasting event where their craft beer is paired with traditional and non-traditional foods. Formation Flight Nights showcase how craft beer and food together can create an enjoyable experience. Past Formation Flight Nights have included craft beers paired with cupcakes, cheese and sausage like Hangar 24’s Alt-Bier Ale with a Pancakes N’ Bacon Cupcake.
> Tickets for the Formation Flight Night are available for purchase at $25 in the Tasting Room and the [online store][8]. Tickets are limited.

Sounds good to us! If you’re in California and get down to this event, send us [some photos and reviews][9]!
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