Blind Bat Hell Gate Golden Ale

Blind Bat Hell Gate Golden Ale


  • Sour and malty
  • Dried apricot, wheat, barley
  • Savory and malty

There is one bar that has Blind Bat Hell Gate Golden Ale on tap, tonight—one bar, exclusively, anywhere. Guess which bar in Bay Shore that happens to be? This beer is so rare, and so good, we can only offer it for $5 a glass, but that’s still $2 off. Tonight at The Cortland in Bay Shore, for DnU Night Out, come and try this amazing, limited-production beer.

Blind Bat is a nanobrewery in Centerport, New York, run by Paul Dlugokencky. He creates some incredible beers. The Hell Gate, based on a Belgian dubbel style, is yet another complex and surprising beer. It tastes like three different, but all delicious, beers put together. There’s a savory dubbel, a malty Vienna weiss, and, I don’t know—a lambic or hefeweizen or something. The ale is thick and rich, and it’s characteristic nose belies the complexity of the body. I could drink this beer all night, but I believe it’s alcohol content is somewhere in the 8–9% range, so moderation is a must.

However, and this can’t be stressed enough, it’s difficult to find and production is limited. I know of one place on Long Island to get it. Tonight, starting at 7pm, at The Cortland of Bay Shore. I wouldn’t be surprised if we bottom out that keg tonight, and then what? No more Blind Bat Hell Gate, that’s what. Don’t miss this incredible beer, for $5, tonight only. Folks who are not in the area—I am truly sorry. You’re missing out. Find your micro- and tinier brewers, and give them a try. I’m sure the pearls you find will be just as unique and beautiful as the one I’ll be marveling at tonight.