Artist rendition of Adult Beverage Co. Adult Chocolate Milk

Childhood memories with a shot of vodka

What do you get when a California mom really starts mixing it up in the kitchen? You get Adult Chocolate Milk.

Tracy Reinhardt, a busy mom of two, created the adult version of the drink in her kitchen. After updating her Facebook status to “…enjoying some adult chocolate milk!” friends instantly replied, “That sounds great! Where can I get it?” A friend from high school, Nikki Halbur, was in California for a family vacation and met up with Tracy for a girls’ night. When she tasted Reinhardt’s creation, she said, “You need to bottle this stuff!”

Artist rendition of Adult Beverage Co. Adult Chocolate Milk

Thanks to the folks at **Adult Beverage Co.** for the image of their *Adult Chocolate Milk*

The two founded the Adult Beverage Co., and their first release is Adult Chocolate Milk, a vodka-based liqueur made with real cream and chocolate flavorings. Kim, a representative of Adult Beverage Co., was kind enough to send to DnU:

Adult Chocolate Milk is a shelf-stable, pour and serve beverage sold in a retro-chic glass bottle with a swing top closure. This 40-proof vodka beverage is made from a variety of premium ingredients to re-create a childhood classic all grown up! The owners of Adult Beverage Company perfected their spin on the beloved classic beverage with the adult consumer in mind.

A one liter bottle has a suggested retail price of $19.99 per bottle, while the 750 ml has suggested retail price of $17.99 per bottle. It is not yet available in New York, but it’s offered online for $23.99 before taxes and shipping, nationwide. There are also 200 ml four-packs in the works.

Chocolate milk not your thing? No worries. According to the Adult Beverage Co. website, we can expect other flavors like Adult Orange Cream, Adult Fruit Punch and Adult Limeade in the future.