Ask Mrs. Ferment: Bring wine to a child's party?

Ask Mrs. Ferment: Bring wine to a child’s party?

Introducing a new segment called Ask Mrs. Ferment, where you can ask etiquette questions relating to alcohol, which will be answered by Mrs. Ferment.

Ms. L from New Jersey asks:

Is it appropriate to bring wine to a 2-year old’s birthday party?

Great question, Ms. L, and the quick answer is “yes.”

But there are some assumptions here. Is this party an early afternoon party or a late afternoon or evening party? Are there other adults who will be drinking? Are there more children at this party than adults? That last question is the topper. If you’re going to an early afternoon party, where other adults probably won’t be drinking, and there are more children running around than adults, then save the wine for something more relaxing.

Generally, though, wine is an appropriate gift to bring to any host or hostess, over the legal age of course. And most parties for 2-year olds that I’ve been to have been a bunch of adults commiserating about being adults while making sure junior doesn’t get into spicy hor d’oeuvres. A glass of wine makes most parties for the tots go a little smoother, in my opinion.