McCormick Imported Irish Egg Nog Liqueur

My wife and I like eggnog during the Christmas season. We don’t make it ourselves, which may be a challenge to try to do next season, but usually we buy a quart of it at the supermarket–non-alcoholic, of course. I got a wonderful gift set of 750ml of McCormick Imported Irish Egg Nog Liqueur with two etched rocks glasses. I usually leery of liqueurs that are normally sold in as a non-liqueur, like iced-tea-flavored liqueurs, which tend to be nasty, fake-lemon and corn syrup affairs. And I’ve had an eggnog liqueur in the past that was cloying. But I was pleasantly surprised by McCormick. It tasted a lot like a decent carton of supermarket-brand eggnog with a bit of whiskey and nutmeg thrown in.

The liqueur is 30-proof, not too strong, and might work with an additional drop of whiskey. Also, it requires refrigeration after opening, so the nicely designed white-frosted bottle can’t be displayed on my shelf. I tend to ignore “refrigerate after opening” labels on liqueurs, but the low-alcohol content and dairy ingredients made me err on the side of chill.