Leyenda del Milagro Tequila

Leyenda del Milagro Tequila

It took me a long time to get tequila. This was a hole in my life, because I’m a lime and arroz con pollo and frijoles negro kinda guy. I consumed major amount of rum to keep me in the Caribbean mood, but I couldn’t have an authentic fiesta during Cinco de Mayo without tequila.

I started to get a taste for tequila when I learned to make a proper Margarita. But the big key is learning to enjoy tequila was to stop spending $10 on bottle of José Cuervo. I’ve got nothing against Cuervo, and it may make fine tequila in its reserved line, but the cheap stuff is just that. When I started spending money on decent tequila, I was rewarded.

I always try to keep a silver and añjeo tequila on my shelf. The silver is great in Margaritas and the añjeo is great for just about anything else. I can almost sip an añjeo, but a bit of lime juice and a quick shake in some ice makes it perfecto.

Currently, the silver tequila on my shelf is Leyenda del Milagro tequila. Like any reputable tequila, it’s from Mexico and made from 100% blue agave. It’s 80-proof and cork-topped, which, for purely ascetic reasons, I enjoy. It has that salty, acrid smell that turns some folks off, but begins to make any tequila-lover salivate. On it’s own, it doesn’t have much of a flavor, but mildness is actually the purchasing point for a silver tequila. If this tequila were to age longer in a barrel, it would take on the flavors of the esters in the wood, but as a young silver, it’s meant to make your cocktail taste like it is made with a good tequila. The Milagro silver tequila does this well. There is no harsh acetate-flavor or off-tastes, and it’s smooth–many silvers are not. I’m looking forward to trying their aged tequilas when I can.

Note: Header image artwork from the Milagro Tequila website.