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A cask shaped glass from the 2016 Long Island Nano Cask Ale Festival with a small amount of dark beer lingering in the glass

RPAB 7th annual Nano Cask Beer Festival

The Rocky Point Artisan Brewers 7th annual Long Island Nano Cask Ale Festival marks the unofficial beginning of the 2016 Long Island beer-festival season. Held at the Rocky Point Clubhouse, in Rocky Point, New York, the event highlights nano- and small-craft breweries and brewing clubs from Long Island. With very limited ticket availability, it’s an

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Can-tastic! Long Island Breweries Look to Aluminum

It’s what defined “craft beer” from “macro” for a long time—craft in glass bottles, big beer in cans. Canning has become cheaper and lighter, but, more importantly, there have been improvements in canning technology so the beer doesn’t react to the can, producing off-flavors. These developments didn’t go unnoticed by small breweries wishing to cut

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