Blue Point RastafaRye Ale

Blue Point RastafaRye Ale


  • Peppery citrus
  • Spice, bitter citrus, and rye
  • Bitter and slightly savory

I like rye beers. I’ve tried Cane and Eble and Sam Adams versions of the rye ale, and I’ve liked them very much. But there is something about Blue Point Brewing Co. RastafaRye Ale that puts it on top. There’s a complex spiciness from the hops that the rye mash complements. Now, I like to make DnU Essentials something that basically anyone can pick up and enjoy, but, like IPAs, rye beers are not going to be everyone’s thing. Please understand—in the long tail of rye beers, this is an Essential beer, but if you don’t dig rye, there’s a world of other options.

At any rate, I got my RastafaRye Ale at Swiftway Beer in a growler, and the complex flavors really came out in my pint glass. It was $12.99 for 64 oz., which is a touch on the high side for a growler-full, but it’s worth it. It’s available in 22 oz bottles, as well, but I didn’t check the price on those. I drank my first pint with a nice, grilled turkey burger, and it made for a wonderful summer meal.