Bottle Fund

The problem with drinking all the liquor in my pantry is that I eventually need more. And there’s a lot of stuff out there that my liver has yet to filter. Can you help a poor, unemployed schlub out? I promise anything you donate will go straight to booze.

####About the Bottle Fund####
The *Bottle Fund* is set up to purchase a 750*ml* bottle of liquor or wine, or 6-pack of beer, unless otherwise noted. Whatever is purchased will be reviewed as a stand-alone item and, if applicable, as part of a mixed drink. Suggestions for future bottles can be sent to [][email] with the subject “Bottle Fund Suggestion.” Bottles purchased through the bottle fund may be used for future taste tests.

The *Bottle Fund* will be updated as new donations come in. When the donations match the bottle’s cost, the donation counter and link will be closed. If donations were made after the purchase price was met, but before the closing of the link, a refund will be offered or the donation can be transferred to the next bottle, as per the donator’s choice.

Donators’ names or email address will not be shared with any third-party, except for **PayPal**, which handles the transactions. If you’re particularly generous, Fervere will give you a shout-out on the blog by giving you a pseudonym. You’ll know who you are.

The merchant associated with the PayPal address for the donations is [Jonathan Russell][ppemail] of MacPhoenix Design.


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