Great South Bay Brewery Snaggletooth Stout

Great South Bay Brewery Snaggletooth Stout

Great South Bay Snaggletooth Stout

  • Espresso and cocoa
  • Coffee and dark chocolate
  • Bitter, spicy, and creamy

Currently available on tap and growlers only

When the trees start losing their leaves and I start seeing the first signs of my breath at night, my mind turns to winter beers: Dark, spiced ales; smokey porters; and chewy stouts. Sure, stouts and porters are popular enough styles that you can find them year ’round, but they seem best paired with chilly weather. Dark, intense beers force us to slow down and sip them like a glass of good bourbon. I love how they warm up in the glass, and their flavors and aromas intensify with each sip as I get closer to the bottom. I’ll bet you’re getting thirsty now.

Snaggletooth Stout label

*Snaggletooth Stout* label courtesy of **Great South Bay Brewery** from **Facebook**.

I went straight to the source and got a half-growler full of Great South Bay Brewery Snaggletooth Stout. It’s been a popular style since it was first brewed in 2010. According to the brewery’s website, Snaggletooth Stout is a 6.5% ABV, 61 IBU (International Bitterness Units) American stout made with flaked oats, roasted barley, chocolate malt, and Fuggle hops.

It has a deep black/brown appearance—think soy sauce—with a nice, light brown foamy head. Bringing the glass to my nose, I get the fragrance of strong espresso coffee and roasted malt with a hint of dark cocoa. The taste pretty much matches the aroma, a dominant coffee flavor with hints of dark chocolate and a mid-level bitterness, spicy but pleasantly creamy finish. Those looking for syrupy and/or chocolatey sweetness here are not going to find it.

Snaggletooth Stout in my Great South Bay pint glass.

*Snaggletooth Stout* in my **Great South Bay** pint glass.

Great South Bay Snaggletooth Stout is incredibly drinkable. It’s filling, but not too much that I wouldn’t order another pint. Right now, Snaggletooth is only available on tap, but I’m hopeful that Great South Bay will add it to its ever-increasing bottled beer line.

Update: On October 30, just after we published this, Great South Bay (GSB) announced that Snaggletooth Stout will be available in bottles. We’re not sure if this will be available year ’round or seasonal, but check the GSB site for more details.