Ponies and Jiggers

Ponies and Jiggers

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at the *DnU HQ* what with Valentine’s day and 22-inches of wet snow dumped in our yard. We can’t complain though, because we never ran out of alcohol or news about alcohol. We share what we can, so here’s the booze news:

* Our intrepid man out west, Scott S, gave us some great news for those out in Colorado. **Russian River** *Pliny the Younger,* the second highest rated beer *in the world!* is returning to [select bars out in the Centennial State][4]. Hey, Scott, your friends out east are very thirsty; don’t forget about us if you manage to find an extra bottle.

* **Update**: *Maker’s Mark* [will NOT be reducing the alcohol content][add1], due to the backlash of consumer response. Now we turn to the most controversial move in the American alcoholic beverage industry since 1920. [*Maker’s Mark* is reducing their alcohol content][1] to meet global demand, instead of raising prices. Some folks are [swearing off the brand][9] as it goes from 90-proof to 84-proof. The folks at *DnU* are taking a more philosophical approach, since we ice and water-down our booze in almost all cases. However, if you or someone you know can taste the difference, you’re in the wrong industry and should apply to those places that hire [supertasters][5].

* Are you a “beer blogger” or know someone who is? Tell her or him about [*2013 Beer Bloggers Conference* in Boston, Massachusetts, July 26–28][6], and then tell him or her about the chance to win a trip to the conference, with airfare, hotel, and conference fee paid by the good folks at **Boston Beer Company**, makers of our favorite *Samuel Adams Boston Lager.* We’d love to go, but we actually have an amazing event of our own to attend that week. Details on that coming soon.

* Writer Alan Wax has the details about [cider makers forming a national association][7] to help improve operations and raise public awareness of their products. We’re big fans of ciders and [perries][12] here at *DnU,* and look forward to their upcoming campaigns.

* A big step to reducing the footprint of any manufacturer is to purchase raw materials locally. For years, New York was a large supplier of hops to many breweries, but the farmers mostly abandoned hops during Prohibition. The Long Island, New York, [**Condzella’s Farm** aims to increase][2] the production of hops for the entire area by purchasing a harvesting machine. Taking a modern approach to raising the money, the farm is [turning to **Kickstart** and crowd-funding][8]. Thanks to *Ms. A— from Huntington* for the tip!

* The good folks at **Long Island Spirits** have introduced a new [coffee flavored vodka][10], called *Ristretto Espresso*. Having sampled its *Sorbetta*-line of fruit-infused vodkas, we’re looking forward to trying this. In fact, the only other liquid that fuels us at *DnU* is coffee, so we’re always looking for the products from bright entrepreneurs who combine it with liquor.

* Our friends at **Blind Bat Brewery** are launching [the *Blind Bat Brewery Club*][11] where, for as little as $50 per year, club members get free beer tastings and discounts at the soon-to-be-opened brewery. **Blind Bat** makes some of the most ambitious flavors of beer, and joining the club will be a great way to support the brewery as it expands into it’s new location and to be the first to try some amazing beers.

* We want to send out a [happy second anniversary wish][3] to the **Way Station** in Brooklyn, New York. Combining the best of steampunk, sci-fi, and general good feelings, the **Way Station** is one of our favorite spots.

The booze news never stops flowing. If you have a tip or event, send it on down to [*Fervere*][email], and enjoy every beverage.

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