Autumnal Leafs

Autumnal Leafs

Our good friend Scott S has a new blog dedicated to beer, called The Beer Whisperer. There is no one who knows more about the ever-expanding varieties of beer than Scott. We’ll be reading it, and we hope you will, too.

Fall gives us great beers, young wines, and wonderful ciders. But not all ciders are hard, which never fails to disappoint. I purchased some local pear cider, or perry, from a local farm stand with no alcohol in it. Who knew they even made that? But since I had a bottle of rye whiskey, I turned my perry into something more enjoyable. Since I had time and other bottles of whiskey and Scotch to play with, I sampled my perry with any malted brown liquor that was kept in a barrel before bottling. I’m partial to rye, and it clearly beat out bourbon or blended Scotch. The rye added a nice sour note to the rich, but not overly sweet, perry. In a bit of surprise, Irish Mist and perry made a honey-sweet, very tasty drink, that needed a bit more ice/water to balance out.

I will probably come across some non-alcoholic apple cider this season, and when I do, I’ll repeat my experiments… for my readers, of course. Science is a hard life.

A Negroni from Nizza

A Negroni cocktail from Nizza

I finally got a chance to try a Negroni on the rocks, at a restaurant called Nizza in Manhattan where we were celebrating Melba’s birthday. (24-years old again!) Nizza made the Negroni with Campari, gin, and Lillet, as Melba described it in her article. Campari is an interesting liqueur, and I can’t wait to get my hands a bottle.

While at Nizza, I took a big risk and ordered an Italian beer. I didn’t go for the Peroni, because I’ve heard enough about it to assume that I would be underwhelmed. So I tried Birra Moretti La Rossa. It tasted exactly like Becks. There’s a certain honor in that, but it did little to disuade my entrenched attitude towards Italian beers in general. Still, I like German wines…

At any rate, I next had an Estrella Damm, which wasn’t Italian but Spanish. The Estrella was weak, and I’m now putting Spain in the same category as Italy when it comes to beer. It’s not particularly fair, since America has it’s vast majority share of weak beer, but there are just too many wines from Spain and Italy to enjoy, I don’t think I’ll miss much by skipping their beers.