Don Nacho Reposado Tequila

Don Nacho reposado tequila


  • Sweet, citrus, tropical fruit
  • No harsh esters, light, vaporous
  • Very spicy, sweet, slightly smoky

Continuing on the tequila train, I have a Don Nacho reposado tequila that was purchased for less than $14, for a 750 ml, at my local liquor store. It’s fairly light for a reposado, pale ginger more than pale amber, but it’s fairly smooth, without the harsh esters of some young tequilas. There’s no particular smokiness in the body. It’s got a fiery finish with a smoky sweetness that lingers, and letting sit on the tongue makes the alcohol flair up in the mouth. Neat trick. It’s not great—there’s really nothing to distinguish it—but it’s inexpensive, works well in cocktails, and can be sipped straight.