Welcome, Melba Toast

We’ve had a helper elf on the Facebook page since it was first set up, but Facebook doesn’t allow multiple administrators to have different names, so every time Melba would post, it would just say “Drunk & Unemployed.” The description may fit, but it didn’t give her much credit. It only took me a year, but it finally dawned on me that Melba could be an author on the blog, as well, and her posts would then be properly given her due.

Of course, on Facebook, it’ll still say that it was posted by “Drunk & Unemployed.” Rest assured, there’s a reasonable chance that on any particular day, Melba and I are either one or the other or both.

Welcome, Melba, to the blog-official. The key’s under the mat. Please wash the glasses and silverware after use. And the añjeo tequila—I’ve marked how much is left. Don’t go sneaking shots.