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There are a couple of liqueurs that I can not do without: triple sec; an almond liqueur; peach schnapps; and a coffee liqueur. Between these, and the five pillars, I can make dozens of drinks. But I like to keep a rotation of other liqueurs around to keep things interesting. A couple of weeks ago, I got my hands on a bottle of **Frangelico**, which I haven’t had in several years.

**Frangelico** is a hazelnut and herb liqueur, sweet and nutty. It great with just ice and seltzer, making the best flavored soda I’ve ever had. A white Russian made with **Frangelico** instead of or in addition to coffee liqueur is a wonderful dessert. And a regular coffee has never tasted better than with a splash or three of the hazelnut liqueur.

Basically, it can replace **Amaretto**, or almond liqueur, in any recipe. And I love hazelnut flavor in just about any circumstance, so I’m quickly going through my bottle. My only complaint would be its price. Since **Frangelico** is a premium-label liqueur, it’s expensive: $28–32 in my area for 750*ml*. A good knock-off nut liqueur is usually $10–15 less, but I’ve never come across a bottle of non-**Frangelico** hazelnut liqueur, and I’m not sure what the quality would be when I do. At any rate, I’m thinking that I might keep the **Frangelico** in stock, and make the **Amaretto** my occasional standby.

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