The White Russian

The White Russian

The White Russian is obviously experiencing a *renaissance* since the movie, **The Big Lebowski**, and why not? I was of the opinion that it wasn’t masculine enough to drink something made with cream, not in a social setting. Ordering this or a *Toasted Almond* or *Brandy Alexander* meant that the little lady was thirsty and I’ll have a deep, dark beer, bartender — and a shot of **Wild Turkey**. But since the film, every dude can order one of these and just act all ironic or sardonic or some sort of -nic. The best thing about a White Russian, though, is that it tastes great, like a dessert, and there is no reason to use premium ingredients. Even cheap vodka and coffee liqueurs make a great Caucasian.

A White Russian is both deceptively high in calories and alcohol content. It tastes like candy, but it hits like four shots of tequila.

White Russian

  • Servings: 8oz.
  • Difficulty: basic
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A white russian with a frothy head


  • 2 oz. vodka
  • 2 oz. coffee liqueur
  • 4 oz. whole milk, half-and-half, or light cream
  • enough ice to fill 1/3 of the large Boston shaker cup


It can’t get any easier than this: combine the vodka, coffee liqueur, and milk into the Boston shaker. Put on the smaller lid and shake that baby up. Pour it all into a rocks glass and enjoy.

The fat and protein in the milk create the right amount of froth and creaminess. I generally use half-and-half, because it’s underused and I have it in the house. Don’t use heavy cream, or you’ll make something akin to a shake, and it will taste buttery. Don’t use skim milk unless you’re really desperate. I’ve gotten away with 3 parts skim to 1 part half-and-half, though. This dude abides.