Sam Adams Cherry Wheat

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat


  • Cherry
  • Light and sweet; more cherry
  • Hint of bitterness; cherry flavor lingers

Starting off easy, a quick review of Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat®. I like Cherry Wheat, but I can only drink one every once in a while. It’s a very light, sweet beer with a strong cherry tone that grows on the palate after swallowing. I like wheat beers as a general rule, and Cherry Wheat was one of the first wheat beers I tried. Like a lot of wheat beers, it is meant to be enjoyed cold, and pouring it into a wide-mouth glass does help the cherry flavor mingle with each sip.

Some folks who enjoy American pilsners, like Budweiser will find Cherry Wheat quite disgusting. But people who don’t like beers in general find Cherry Wheat drinkable, if not necessarily enjoyable. The beer is made with cherries, but doesn’t qualify as a full-fledged lambic.

It’s a great beginner beer, since it’s very light and sweet. And on a hot summer’s day, it’s refreshing. It used to be offered as a summer seasonal, but Sam Adams now brews and distributes the beer year’round.