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Greenport Harbor Black Duck Porter

Greenport Harbor Black Duck Porter


  • Coffee and chocolate
  • Smoooooth, smoky, and nutty
  • Smokiness lingers

Greenport Harbor Brewing is playing with my head. They have my highest-rated porter, which is their seasonal pumpkin ale, and now that I’ve tried their Black Duck Porter, I’m ready to declare it my highest-rated craft stout. Labeling a porter as an ale and a stout as a porter! Do they plan to come out with something darker than the Black Duck?

Two glasses of Black Duck Porter and two flour-less chocolate cakes

It’s a tough life. Melba captures us in our dimly lit struggle to eat flour-less chocolate cake and drink Black Duck Porter.

Of course, all porters are ales, and all stouts are porters, so it’s just nomenclature. Back to the beer.

Black Duck Porter is a rich, dark stout, in the Murphy’s vein. It has pleasant chocolate and coffee notes, and a nutty, smoky malted flavor, with just a touch of bitterness. I’ve tried a couple of other craft stouts and they usually don’t get the smoothness that Greenport Harbor has in the Black Duck. It’s very smooth. There’s a smokiness that lingers on the finish, and the glass that I had during the tasting at Horace & Silvia’s was finished too soon. Luckily, Melba was not a fan—she’s not a fan of stouts in general—so I got a second chance to make sure that this was the best craft stout I’ve ever had.

It was. I may be unemployed, but I have the best job.


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